Richman 4 Trainer

Richman 4, developed by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT, published by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT. This game have is Casual category. *** This game is only available in Chinese ***《大富翁4》为掷骰子回合制桌上游戏,玩家在游玩时,除可购买土地、股票外,还可投资公司、参加拍卖,过足富豪瘾。游戏支持单人、多人游玩,玩家既可以与计算机AI角色一同游玩自得其乐,也可和二三好友一起,来一局富豪间的财富PK。 Richman 4 trainer we will tell you how to install and how to use.

Richman 4 Trainer Installation

Trainer have a 10+ functions. Run the trainer click game icon and open the game.

Key Settings
– Numpad 0
– Numpad 1
– Numpad 2
– Numpad 3
– Numpad 4
– Numpad 5
– F1
– F2
– F3
– F4


Options: +10 (For any version of the game)
We recommend that you turn off windows defender before opening the trainer.

Unzip game trainer with winrar. Install and run trainer after play the game.


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